Rainmaker Eco XL Crypto-Gamer Multi-Cryptocurrency and Virtual Reality Gaming Powerhouse!

All-in-One Crypto mining and Virtual Reality gaming system!

Our XL system can mine Proof-of-Work on multiple GPUs and optionally Proof-of-Capacity on the hard disk space while playing Virtual Reality games with the optional VR set!

Rainmaker miner dynamically selects what is the best coin to mine at any time so you don't need to do any research or system modifications, is automatic!

The computer pays for itself and rewards you in Bitcoins

Estimated Revenue with 1 GPU and CPU mining $35 per month

Estimated Revenue with 2 GPU and CPU mining $70 per month

Estimated Revenue with 3 GPU and CPU mining $105 per month

Included GPU inside the CPU die to mine Proof-of-Work

Included VR ready GPU with 2.3K Cores to mine Proof-of-Work (Capacity up to 3 PCIe GPUs)

Engineered and Assembled in the USA

Optional add hard disk storage with up to 8 internal Bays, maximum 96TB Proof-of-Capacity Storage 

Continue growing externally by attaching Rainmaker's external USB3 storage

Optional Virtual Reality set with bundled games and access to the online marketplace

Operating system and management software are installed from factory

System is pre-tested from factory

Price includes 1 year of warranty and support and shipping included within the 48 contiguous states of USA

Tower Full Size format

4 Physical CPU Cores

8 Logical CPU Cores

16GB System RAM

System disk on 250GB NVMe M.2

Up to 3 x PCIe 16x Length slots

1000W PSU 80+

120 volts and 240 volts capable

Dimensions 22.00 x 9.13 x 22.05

Weight 38 Lbs (Depending on the configuration)

Please contact us at contact@SignatureIT.org to discuss more in depth technical details and share your investing objective.

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